Of Swedish-german parentage, Spanish pianist Cristina Bruno was born in La
Coruña, studied in Madrid with José Cubiles and Manuel Carra and then moved on to Bucharest, where she worked with Florica Muzicescu, Dinu Lipatti´s teacher. Muzicescu gave her the foundation for a new pianistic and musical consciousness, by illuminating the scores they studied together with a new vision. After Muzicescu´s death soon afterwards, Bruno was counseled wisely by Zubeldia in Bilbao, Hansen in Hamburg and Curcio in London.
Subsequently she met Sergiu Celibidache, playing at an audition for him. He immediately accepted her as as soloist in one of his concerts. This was decisive for her further musical development. Having had Muzicescu and Celibidache, both Rumanians, in her musical life was an immense and unique privilege, and Bruno considers them her musical parents.

Photograph by Elena Martín.

Apart music her other great passion is the inherent potential in the human being. Many years ago new faculties arose in her which enabled her to amplify her professional activity when developing a totally intuitive capacity of empathy and connexion with other persons, for whom she improvises their personal music. And she also gives concerts in which she improvises for important situations of Humanity and Earth, etc. She has delivered lectures based on musical examples on "Therapeutic efects of Music" and "Music, Education and Conciousness" in the Auditori of Barcelona and in the University of Granada.
Cristina Bruno also gives master classes; it is always a privilege and a sacred duty to share her own experience with young musicians.

Photograph by Daniel García Bruno.